Open End Timing Belt

Open End Timing Belt


open end timing belts

are the rubber-based timing belts manufactured with high-quality materials and unique manufacturing technology. Particularly best suited for linear motion systems are typically used in automatic doors, printers, CNC machine tools etc. Heavy load capacity, low noise and no maintenance make this belt the flawless performance for linear motion systems. Rubber

open end timing belts

produced in a spiral cut. we are open end timing belts importer exporter in vadodara

The polyurethane open end timing belt is made of polyurethane thermoplastic. It's gained a fantastic anti-wear property. The various reinforcement cords ensure driving capability. It has a small tolerance of production. Open-end timing belt polyurethane has a reliable transmission and fine size stability. A coating of nylon can be applied to the tooth face and back to ensure the running ability in specific applications, and a thick layer of polyurethane can also be applied to the back of the belt to prevent rusting or high loading.

Open End Timing belt 1

Open End Timing Belt 1

Open End Timing belt 2

Open End Timing Belt 2

Open End Timing belt 3

Open End Timing Belt 3

Open End Timing belt 4

Open End Timing Belt 4

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Open End Timing Belt 5