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About Dee Bee Enterprise

Dee Bee Enterprise is in the business from more than 25 years and are known for Industrial

Belts for machine

Supplier. Dee Bee Enterprise is a leading company specializing in the field of high-quality power transmission belts such as Timing Belts, V Belts, Conveyors, Flat Belts, Pulleys. We create a wide range of, Industrial

Belts for machine

industries such as Textiles, Glass, Ceramics, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Automation, Agriculture, Engineering and Power Industries.

Dee Bee Enterprise offers products range from the top quality of bearings worldwide ensures uncompromising quality as per ISO standards and supplies them to customers at competitive prices. Dee Bee Enterprise is certified to enhance and reinforce the foundation of great quality philosophy which focuses on the self-inspection system: zero-defect quality is each technician’s personal responsibility. The result is a consistently uniform, high-quality product produced in a system that is geared to high efficiency and low-cost keeping our competitiveness in the marketplace. We are supplier of

Belts for machine industries


We endeavour to reach the leadership position in each sector and Service. We are committed to satisfying our customers by providing Quality Product, Service, which gives the highest value for money. We commit ourselves to continuous growth, to fulfil the aspirations of our Customers.


To be a most admired organization in Industry that enhances the quality of life of all, through sustainable industrial and business development.