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Light Duty Timing Belt

Light Duty Timing Belts

are being designed to synchronize light-duty power transfer wherever there is limited space. With a power rating of twice that of the horsepower, these belts always have a larger number of the pulleys and hence larger transmission ratios can be achieved.The Neoprene or Polyurethane material is moulded around fibreglass helically wound cords. These cords are what give these belts their unusual strength.

Light duty timing belts

can be used in instruments such as a computer printer, trapers, equipment for research laboratories, equipment used in measurement, data storage devices, tools for hand-held control, post-processor, D.C stepper/servo motor applications, food processors, medical diagnostic equipment, sewing application, automated tailor machine, robotic equipment, vacuum cleaners etc. We are Light duty timing belts supplier in vadodara.

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